4 Lines of Wrestling Defense

4 Lines of Wrestling Defense:

  1. Head; Head has is your first line of defense, when your knees are bent and your in your stance your head should be facing forward not looking down at the mat. So that is why it is important to have strong neck. When opponent changes level to shoot you need to change your level as well. A great drill for the first line of defense is to put your hands behind your back and have your partner do the same, he changes level you change levels. He tries to penetrate you lower your level and stop him with your head. Your heads should never leave contact.
  2. Hands; your hands are your second line of defense when your opponent gets past your head your hands should be open wide, elbows in. When he goes to shoot you stop him with your hands (thumbs down).
  3. Forearms; your third line of defense is your forearms, when an opponent shoots in fast and low he will sometimes get past your head and hands at that point you have to react and use your forearms to stop his penetration.
  4. Hips; your last line of defense is your hips, a good opponent will use movement, fake shots, and hand fighting to get past your first three lines of defense. When he does shoot in and gets passed those first three lines, it is not game over you have to hip in hard to stop his momentum and get your hips back then back to hand fighting.

These lines of defense are very important you drill and learn these so that they are first nature and you will be very hard to be taken down.

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