Leg Workout

Warmup: One set of light squats using a band

HEAVY Squats: 3 sets of 12, increasing the weight on each set (using a band)

TRISETS: Complete 3 rounds of each Triset.

Triset #1 (3 rounds)
1-Leg Press x10 narrow and x10 wide
2-Pop Squats x15
3-Hamstring Curl x10 each leg

Triset #2 (3 rounds)
1-Trap Bar Deadlift x12
2-Burpee to Deadlift x15
3-Curtsy lunge with elevated leg x10 each leg

Triset #3 (3 rounds)
1-KB sumo squats x12
2-Box Jumps x12
3-Walking Lunges x10 each leg

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