Sammy Collier Day 1 Workout: Glutes and Hamstrings

Start your leg workout with a standing hamstring curl. Adjust the weight for high rep warm up sets, 2 sets at 20 reps. After the warm up sets, increase weight for working sets. Continue with 3 working sets, 10-12 sets. Increase weight with each set.

Standing Hamstring Curl

After your legs have been properly warmed up, move on to the sled leg press. Place your feet high and wide to engage your hamstrings and glutes. 1 warm up set at 15 reps, light to moderate weight. After warming up, increase weight for working sets. 3 sets and 8-12, increase weight with each set if desired.

Sled Leg Press

Use a bench bar or barbell at desired weight. Bring your knee down to touch the floor and keep the other knee aliened with your foot. 3-4 sets at 12 reps each leg, increase weight if desired.

Walking Lunges

With your knees slightly bent and stationary. Keep your back straight and bend at the waist. Continue with 4 sets at 8-12 sets, moderate to heavy weight. It is important to keep proper form to avoid injury.

After each set, superset with variation of a sumo squat. Keep it lightweight and each set to failure.

Straight Leg_Sumo

It is important to stretch after every workout.

(Day 2 workout: Back)

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